Minneapolis Experiences Worst Fire in Years

Issue 2 and Volume 93.

Minneapolis Experiences Worst Fire in Years A cigarette thrown into a garbage chute was believed to be the cause of the Marlborough Hotel fire in Minneapolis, Minn. This fire was second to none in the number of deaths in Minneapolis department history. The first alarm was turned in at 5:53 a. m., and within seven minutes, three more alarms were sent in. When the first units arrived, the building was said to be a mass of flames. One of the first acts of the firemen was to raise ladders to the various floors where there were still victims crying for help. Many could not wait for help to arrive, and they jumped to the ground. Some received critical injuries from the fall, while others died from it. By the time that streams of water were playing on the blaze, the flames appeared to be everywhere. The water pouring into the…

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