Manufacturers’ Announcements

Issue 4 and Volume 93.

Manufacturers’ Announcements Research Facilities Offered One of the trends in the fire service in recent years has been the increasing emphasis placed on life saving. Formerly the principal objective of the fire department was the protection of property and first aid activities were usually limited to treatment on the scene of the fire of smoke poisoning and minor cuts and burns. “One of the most serious problems that has confronted the first aid group” states Wm. Stephenson, Manager of the E. & J. Company of New York, “has been the increase in asphyxial deaths from carbon monoxide, drowning, electric shock and other causes, until today it has reached an alarming total of 50,000 deaths annually. “When one considers that this annual toll of life is one and a half times deaths by automobile accidents, fifteen times deaths from diptheria and forty times those from typhoid fever, it becomes apparent how…

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