Four-Alarm Fire Sweeps Hangar at Big Airport

Issue 4 and Volume 93.

Four-Alarm Fire Sweeps Hangar at Big Airport A four alarm fire of undetermined origin swept through one of the nearly completed hangars at North Beach Airport, Queen County, N. Y. The hangar, which is the center one of three, was said to be damaged to the extent of about $500,000. The blaze was discovered in a wooden paint locker and spread rapidly to the wooden scaffolding and false wooden ceiling that was being used by painters, plumbers and electricians. In about thirty minutes, the heat was so intense that the steel, asphalt, and glass roof caved in. Firemen from twenty-one companies that responded were hampered somewhat by the lack of water pressure. Finally the pressure grew stronger, and a group of firemen on the roof of an adjoining hangar roof directed water on the blaze. For two hours, when the fire was at its height, twenty-four lines were in operation.…

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