History of New York Fire Department

Issue 4 and Volume 93.

History of New York Fire Department “History of the New York Fire Department,” by Lowell M. Limpus. Illustrated. 380 pages. Published by E. P. Dutton & Co., New York, N. Y. Price, $3.50. Following an introductory chapter by John J. McElligott, Fire Chief and Commissioner of the New York Fire Department, on “The Ancient Art of Fire Fighting,” the author of this recently published book reviews in an interesting manner the development of fire apparatus and the fire service in New York City from 1628 to the present time. The organizing of the New York Department in 1731 is described in the first chapter, while the second chapter is devoted to the period 1741-1783. During this period, the fire department was disrupted by the Revolutionary War. The great fires of 1776 and 1778 are reviewed, as well as the reorganization of the department in 1781. The rapidly growing power of…

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