Stubborn Fire in Greenwich Village

Issue 4 and Volume 93.

Stubborn Fire in Greenwich Village Not since the year 1922 has the Greenwich Village district of New York City experienced such a stubborn fire as a recent four-alarm blaze. A six-story building, estimated to be over seventy years old, caught fire from an undetermined cause. The first five floors were devoted to manufacturing of artificial flowers and the sixth floor was used to store the flowers. The building had only one stairway: fire escapes front and rear, iron shutters on the exposed wall to the east and no shutters or windows on the portion of the west wall where the sixth floor tops the roof of the adjoining building. The standpipe in the building was too obsolete for use; there were no Siamese connections or sprinkler systems; and a violation of law had been recorded against the premises. Acrid smoke from the chemicals employed in manufacture of flowers knocked out…

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