Issue 4 and Volume 93.

FALSE ALARMS OVERHANG Of course, when he joined the volunteers he was a much different man than he is today. Then he was young, spry and straight as a willow. With the years, the willow term became very much strained because of the front and rear protuberances. But in spite of the years, he still retained his interest in the department. When the boys went to the capital for the state convention, he went with them. He returned with them on the sleeper. In the morning he was much surprised to see a red lantern hung from the green drapery of his berth. At first he suspected a prank, but to be sure, he called over the Pullman porter. “George, why is that red lantern hanging from my berth?” “Sorry, sir,” said George, “them’s rules. The book says that you should hang up a red lantern when the rear end…

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