Dayton, Ohio, Fights Largest Fire in Its History

Issue 4 and Volume 93.

Dayton, Ohio, Fights Largest Fire in Its History A $300,000 fire, which spread through the fifty-year-old Kuhn Building in Dayton, Ohio, was the first four alarm fire in the history of the department. The blaze was believed to have started in the cellar of a jewelry shop. The fire worked up through the partitions into the five story Kuhn building. For twenty minutes after the fourth alarm, the rest of Dayton was protected by only one engine company. Soon after, engines from the Oakwood Fire Department filled in for the Dayton. Twenty-two lines were used on the fire. The firemen were directed through the large address system on Dayton’s light truck. Thirteen engines and six ladder companies responded to the four alarms. This is the fifth large fire since Chief Joe Kirby’s appointment.

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