Issue 4 and Volume 93.

FURTHER PROGRESS MADE IN FIREMEN’S TRAINING PROGRAM New Truck to Serve as a Mobile School Unit in Massachusetts THROUGH the efforts of Assistant Director, M. Norcross Stratton of the Division of Vocational Education, Massachusetts Department of Education, Director R. O. Small, Commissioner Downey, the Committee of Fire Chiefs, and others, a new truck has been fully equipped and is being used as a traveling school for the State-wide program of Firemen training. This program is being conducted by the Massachusetts Department of Education, Vocational Division. The truck was started in service from the Brookline Fire Department’s training center at the January meeting of the Massachusetts Fire Department Instructors’ Association. Modern Equipment The new truck has been fitted out with up-to-date extinguishers, masks, spray nozzles, flood lights, and other fire-fighting accessories, which were all donated or loaned by concerns interested in this field of training, to add effectiveness to a program…

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