Miscellaneous Questions

Issue 4 and Volume 93.

Miscellaneous Questions Answers to these questions will be given in the May issue of this journal. Question 1. When fire is burning in a sprinklered building, where are the first lines usually stretched? Question 2. What is the chief advantage of standpipes in fire fighting? Question 3. When fire is burning above the third floor of a building equipped with standpipe system, which engine company connects to the standpipe at the street Siamese? Question 4. What two types of foam fire extinguishing systems are there now in use? Question 5. Name two materials which, when burning, make fires that cannot readily be extinguished by foam? Question 6. For what type of hazard is the carbon dioxide extinguishing system particularly effective? Question 7. Which have the greater range: carbon dioxide streams or foam streams? Question 8. In general, what type of water stream is best for large, hot fires? Question 9.…

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