Heavy Fumes Fell Firemen

Issue 4 and Volume 93.

Heavy Fumes Fell Firemen One of the toughest small fires that the New York Fire Department has handled in recent years occurred in a shoe store on Forty-second Street containing women’s shoes. The shoes, which had been treated with cellulose nitrate, gave off large quantities of pungent gases and heavy smoke. This necessitated the use of a smoke ejector to draw the smoke out of the premises. A first aid treatment station was established in a nearby store to treat nearly ten firemen who were overcome by the fumes. Although the fire was confined to one store, the firemen had a difficult time because of the gases and smoke. It was necessary to chop a hole in a solid brick wall in the rear of the store to provide proper ventilation. The damage was estimated at about $100,000. The above handsome plaque was presented to Chief H. B. Wells on…

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