Luverne, Ala., Department Grows

Issue 4 and Volume 93.

Luverne, Ala., Department Grows As a result of a warning from the Southeastern Insurance Underwriters Association that insurance policies on the property of Luverne, Ala., would be canceled unless something was done toward stopping fire loss, a Volunteer Fire Department was organized. The department was composed of twelve men and the apparatus consisted of two mill style hose reels with approximately 400 feet of two and one-half inch hose to the reel, two battered and leaking nozzles, and two hydrant wrenches. The reels were drawn to the fire by attaching them to the back of a truck or a car. Before long the need for a truck to carry the equipment was realized. A truck was purchased and fitted out by the members of the department. Soon calls became more frequent from outlying communities which necessitated the addition of another truck. Money for purchasing this truck was raised by a…

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