Among the Fire Fans

Issue 6 and Volume 93.

Among the Fire Fans DANIEL E. SENNOTT, Ex-Chief of Boston Fire Department, was the guest of honor at the May meeting of the Boston Sparks Association. Chief Sennott has reached his eightieth birthday and is very active. He spoke on many of the larger fires he encountered during the fifty years he spent in the Boston Fire Department. He strongly advised young men to study for the Fire Department, pointing out the features of the position such as; security, activity, and possibilities of advancement with the proper initiative. Chief Sennott attends nearly every social activity of the various chiefs’ clubs and spark organizations. At home, his radio is tuned to the Boston Eire Department frequency in order to receive all alarms. Percy Bugbee, Managing Director, National Fire Protection Association gave a very interesting and instructive talk on the formation of that association. Mr. Bugbee was introduced by Alfred N. Miner,…

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