State Controls Sale of Fireworks

Issue 6 and Volume 93.

State Controls Sale of Fireworks Rules and Regulations governing the sale of fireworks in the State of Maryland, have been announced by John B. Gontrum, Insurance Commissioner of Maryland. Three classes of permits are to be issued: No. 1. To have, keep, store or sell explosives or fireworks; No. 2. To manufacture explosives, fireworks and small arms ammunition; No. 3. Public fireworks display under authorized supervision. The applicant for a permit must at his own cost and expense furnish the State Insurance Commissioner any required information or data necessary in order for the State Insurance Commissioner to determine whether he is entitled to a permit. A permit, to be known as Permit “A,” shall be issued any responsible person, as a matter of right, upon application to the Insurance Commissioner which said permit shall allow the holder to sell fireworks of a type which are noise making or explosive and…

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