Issue 6 and Volume 93.

FALSE ALARMS YOU CAN’T WIN! An old town character loved to stop at the fire house and idle away some of the time for which he could find no use. He pulled his chair up to the table where a group of the boys were playing bridge and started to lecture on the follies of modern youth. “You know what! You boys of today want too much money. Do you know what 1 was getting when I married?” To which the wit of the group answered. “No, and I’ll bet you didn’t either.” The three halls in front of a pawnshop mean, “two to one you don’t get it back.” THE MODERN AGE Social Worker: Do you owe any back house rent? Relief Seeker: No, lady, we got modern plumbing. A chiropodist is a man who started at the foot and stayed there. BREAK IT TO HIM GENTLY During a…

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