Manufacturers’ Announcements

Issue 7 and Volume 93.

Manufacturers’ Announcements First Aid Stretcher A new stretcher combining the features claimed to aid better and more comfortable handling of injured persons has been developed by the Industrial Products Company, 826 W. Somerset Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Due to its flexibility, this new stretcher can be carried through narrow crooked passageways, up or down ladders or circular stairways, or raised or lowered perpendicularly through trap doors, or manholes where there is room for only one person at a time. The zipper, which runs the length of the stretcher, eliminates the need of lifting the patient from the stretcher to the cot. The stretcher holding the patient is placed on the cot, the zipper is drawn, and the stretcher lifts out in two complete halves, leaving the patient undisturbed. Special fasteners act as safeguards against the zipper opening while the patient is being carried. “Kerosphere” Ball Valve The Kerotest Manufacturing Company, Pittsburgh,…

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