Hartford Has Oil Tank Fire

Issue 7 and Volume 93.

Hartford Has Oil Tank Fire Quick work on the part of the Hartford, Conn., Fire Department prevented what might have been a disaster on May 6 when one of the large gasoline storage tanks owned by the Hygrade Oil Company at Rocky Hill, a suburb of Hartford, burst into flames. The huge halfmillion-gallon steel tank, containing approximately 10,000 gallons of gasoline, caught fire at two p.m. when a plant employe opened a vent near the base of the tank to enable cleaning the inside of the giant drum. As the plate was removed a wrench used by the workman created a spark of static electricity, igniting gasoline vapors, and the opening became a roaring blow-torch. The employee leaped away from the tank and escaped injury, while fellow employees ran to marshal the plant’s fire-fighting equipment. An immediate alarm brought the Rocky Hill Fire Department, and a general alarm within the…

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