Blitzkrieg for Forest Fires

Issue 7 and Volume 93.

Blitzkrieg for Forest Fires “Smoke Jumpers” Drop from Airplanes to Fight Fires in the Forest Away from Highways FOREST fire! Suddenly the fire observation towers in a National Forest becomes a beehive of activity. Rangers peer anxiously through high powered field glasses at the great clouds of black smoke that surge angrily toward the sky. Telephones, communicating with other towers in the vicinity, begin to ring. Orders are given out and received in calm, steady tones. The forest fire fighters are at work to meet the situation. Many Areas Inaccessible Despite the fact that the rangers in our National Forests are a highly efficient group of fire fighters, there are still some sections of our National Forests that lie in such inaccessible regions that it is very difficult to fight fires in them. Ordinarily the Forest Service uses the highways and forest roads to speed men and equipment to fight…

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