What Progress in Exhausting Smoke at Fires?

Issue 7 and Volume 93.

What Progress in Exhausting Smoke at Fires? The first Fire Department smoke exhauster, or smoke extractor, was built by Peter Pirsch & Sons Company, at Kenosha, Wis. The most outstanding performance of this unit was at a tunnel fire in Chicago in 1931. Since that time, considerable thought and experimentation have been given the subject of smoke removal at fires. A number of devices have appeared on the market, and some of the recent ones seem to be highly successful. To be effective, the point in a basement at which smoke is withdrawn should be high. The smoke and heated gases rise, and accumulate at the highest point. Unless withdrawal is made at this point, the unit cannot be considered fully effective. If for example, the intake for the exhauster is placed down near the floor, it will withdraw the inflowing cooler air in addition to smoke and heated gases.…

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