Introduction to a Fire

Issue 10 and Volume 93.

Introduction to a Fire THE new Mayor of Custer City threw dignity to the winds and peeled off his coat and vest. Inside the Mayor’s office, the steam heat thumped in the radiators and spread a hot stuffiness depressing to the mental calculations of His Honor; outside, however, it was cold, and icy ruts had furrowed streets only lately ploughed after a heavy snow-fall. It was late afternoon and most of the City Hall’s large coterie of workers had departed for their homes and supper. On the Mayor’s desk was a wellthumbed copy of last year’s budget. The Mayor, freed from the restrictions which his coat had seemed to impose, once again set to work on the long columns of departmental figures. His pencil totalled here, marked there, and frequently drew a heavy line through some of the larger items. A new budget for the ensuing year was due this…

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