Issue 10 and Volume 93.

The WATCH DESK Was He Burned Up! Edward Wood, 20, of Newark (N. J.) lost $40 when the side of his left trousers pocket caught fire. He’d fallen asleep in his car, a lighted cigarette in his hand and was awakened by the sound of arriving fire engines. A passerby had seen smoke rising from his car and shot in an alarm. Mr. Wood was treated by a physician for first and second degree burns on his leg, but nothing could be done to sooth his injured feelings at having kept his cash in the wrong pocket! The “Brotherly” Brothers The “good neighbor” policy is in full force in Calexico (Cal.) the border city between the U.S.A. and Mexico. When a fire breaks out in Calexico or in adjoining Mexicali, across the international border, the Brothers of both fire departments are Johnny-at-the-rat-hole with their “boots and nozzles”. Now and then…

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