Fire Protection Warning

Issue 10 and Volume 93.

Fire Protection Warning Just before a recent meeting called by Chief Forest Laufraw, of the Goshen, Ind., Fire Department at which Fire Prevention Plans were discussed, the following notice appeared on the department’s billboard: Firemen “Fire Departments everywhere have had and still do have an important job of furnishing protection in their respective communities against fire destruction. “The fire demon is our enemy and it must he controlled and put to rout. This demon is used by enemies toward one another to destroy factories, business, homes, farms and the moral of the populace. “It is well known that this demon which destroys life and property has been used by our enemies from within to take whatever toll it can. “The first important duty as firemen is to prevent fires. Fire Prevention and Fire Control is one of oitr best defenses. We should take part whole-heartedly in fire prevention activities, not…

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