Old Steamer Wanted

Issue 10 and Volume 93.

Old Steamer Wanted An exhibit room has been set aside in the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Ill., for historical fire fighting equipment. For the central feature, a display of a horse drawn steamer is desired of the type used before the advent of the motorized units. Although there arc a number of these old engines in existence throughout the country, the museum officials have been unable to locate one that is not in frequent use for parades and the like. The officials are not in a position to purchase any such engine, but wish that some community or individual will present such a machine to the museum, where it will be seen and enjoyed by several million people yearly. Anyone who would like to donate an old steamer to the museum may communicate with L. C. Fopeano, Curator, Department of Civil Engineering, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago,…

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