Emergency Truck for Hastings, Neb.

Issue 10 and Volume 93.

Emergency Truck for Hastings, Neb. In Hastings, Neb., a new emergency truck has been placed in service which will respond to all alarms and all emergency calls. Practically all of the equipment which is carried on the new truck was in service prior to its purchase. In the past, the equipment was carried on three trucks which necessitated the use of three units when some of the equipment was needed. With all this equipment on one truck, unnecessary runs of regular trucks will be eliminated. A list of the equipment carried on the truck is as follows: Smoke ejector, salvage covers, squeegees, brooms, mops, mop pails, trash carrier, mop wringer, wool roofing, bundle lathe, box nails, salvage cover tongs, salvage cover hooks. H and H Inhalator, stretchers, set splints, first aid kit, tannic acid spray kit, blankets, hot water bottles, oxygen masks, canister “All Service” masks, eight-foot pole ladder, scoops,…

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