With the Editor

Issue 11 and Volume 93.

With the Editor Hail to the A.F.S.! The Auxiliary Fire Service in Great Britain is performing a heroic service in protecting the large cities of that nation against destruction from the skies. If there had been any doubt about the ability of these “green” firemen to battle flames of conflagration proportions and to take punishment, such doubt has been erased by their splendid work under fire. Unlike the regular firemen, the auxiliaries suffered severely during their first ten weeks in action from the lack of food and proper clothing. No food rations had been provided for the auxiliaries engaged in operations at prolonged fires, and many had to go foodless for an entire day; even drinking water was scarce when fire fighting operations were beingperformed under aerial bombardment. Each auxiliary fireman is provided with but one uniform. No change is therefore available. And working in wet clothing is all too…

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