New Buffalo Sedan for Lewistown

Issue 11 and Volume 93.

New Buffalo Sedan for Lewistown The Buffalo Fire Appliance Corporation, recently delivered a new and improved Buffalo Sedan to Lewistown, Pa. It has sufficient space to seat fifteen men, and accommodates all of the equipment found in a fully equipped piece of fire fighting apparatus. This fire engine carries a 500-gallon pump, which is readily accessible through large doors on either side of the body. The new model is also built with larger pumps when desired. The Lewistown unit carries, in addition to a 500-gallon pump, a 200-gallon booster tank, standard twenty-four-foot and fourteen-foot ladders, two ten-foot lengths of suction hose, and has room for 300 feet of 1 1/2-inch hose. It carries the Buffalo standard rear mounted reel for 3/4-inch hose. Four compartments, two on either side of the truck, will carry such appliances as door openers, folding stretcher, sledge, roof cutters, wire cutters, salvage covers, floodlights, generator and…

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