Issue 11 and Volume 93.

The WATCH DESK Roi B. Woolley You-Hoo-o-o- C’m on Over! Roy Self, furniture store employee of Henryetta, Okla., discovered a divan burning in the store. He stuck his head out the window and emulated a hogcaller. His employer, Wayne Champion, phoned the Fire Department. Before Champion could get his connection, the Department was on the job. Seems they were right across the street and Self’s yell did the trick. One Run—Two Fires—No Errors Out in Canton, Ohio, the Braves were returning from a fire and hadda stop at a red light. At that moment they heard someone yell “Fire!” Jumping off their trucks, the lads went to work without delay on a blaze in a nearby motorcycle shop, Fire doused, they resumed trek to quarters and chalked up two “put outs” and no “errors.” Well! Well!—a “15-Alarmer!” Brother Otis hasn’t given us the low down on this, but the wayward…

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