Issue 1 and Volume 94.

THE ROUND TABLE For Practical Discussion of Current Fire Department and Fire Management Problems CHAINS ON HYDRANT OUTLETS TO PREVENT LOSS OF CAPS To prevent the public, particularly small children, from tampering with hydrant outlets, it has been the custom for years to place hydrant caps on these outlets, and then by means of a swivel ring and chain, to attach these caps to the hydrant. Those who furthered the plan, argued that the caps prevent foreign material from being pushed into the hydrant outlets, and the chains prevented the theft or loss of the caps. However, many fire departments have found that the rings which hold the caps, bind or become corroded to the outlet, so that there is some delay when it becomes necessary, because of a fire, to remove the caps, and attach hose lines. The question then comes up, is the hydrant chain really necessary, or…

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