Issue 1 and Volume 94.

PROMOTIONAL STUDY COURSE This is the final installment of the series of questions and answers that have appeared in the journal for the past three years on various phases of fire department operation. The following answers are to questions appearing in the December issue of this journal: No. They spread fire throughout structures. Possibility of dust explosions. Because of explosion possibilities. Yes. For cooling tanks and covering exposures. Fire foam. Small streams. Wires lose their temper. Yes. Checking fire in basement. In the basement near furnace. Because of flammable construction and unprotected vertical shafts. In summer, because they are filled with guests at this time. Yes. To facilitate rescues and to aid in fire fighting. At a point to prevent fire reaching main stairwell on ground floor, and elevator shaft, if possible. Yes. Prevent obstruction of stairway. Because of helplessness of inmates. Celluloid film, and ether. Solution: First reduce the…

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