Firemen Home from England

Issue 2 and Volume 94.

Firemen Home from England The three members of the New York City Fire Department, Battalion Chiefs Daniel Deasy and Frederick Wedemeyer and Fireman George Scott, who had been in England since last October, returned recently to New York City and advised that certain organizational and equipment changes are necessary in the fire departments of New York and other cities, if they expect to meet the threats of air raids. Chief Deasy, spokesman for the trio, said that the most striking feature of the British fire fighting technic in combating air raid fires was the large number of small, gasoline-driven pumps used. It was said that these pumps could be lashed to the bumpers or running boards of cars, or carried over fences and around craters by a few men. The advantage of these small pumps lies in the fact that they can be moved through streets that were bombed, much…

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