Manufacturers’ Announcements

Issue 3 and Volume 94.

Manufacturers’ Announcements Hux-A-Mat Announcement has been made by the Walter C. Huxel & Co., 230 East Front Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, in a folder just published, of a light weight, portable stretcher known as the Hux-A-Mat “Fold-N-Bag” Stretcher. This new stretcher is seven feet long, twenty-five inches long and weighs twelve pounds. It may be rolled quickly into a waterproof canvas carrying bag. Every stretcher has snapped to its heavy-duty canvas bed a rubber blanket and a wool blanket so as to prevent victims placed on it from suffering from cold and dampness. The stretcher has no stiff poles to become wedged between door jams, narrow hallways or around curved staircases. Instead, three rope handholds are arranged, three on each side, and one at each end. The elimination of the rigid poles enables a patient to be carried in a position dictated by the type of injury that he has received.…

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