Pumper Pressure Chart

Issue 3 and Volume 94.

Pumper Pressure Chart Realizing the need for a chart to enable firemen to determine the correct engine pressures for an effective fire stream for hand lines, Paul D. Kinney, of the Sacramento, Cal., Fire Department, has worked out such a chart which can be used very conveniently. Knowing the length of hose and the size of the nozzle used, and assuming a nozzle pressure of 50 psi, and a hose diameter of 2 1/2-inches the engine pressure may be instantly determined. Should it be necessary to determine the engine pressure for other conditions of hose layout and nozzles used, the engine pressure and nozzle pressure relationship is presented along with nozzle factors and hose and nozzle equivalents. The pocket gauges are being offered at $2 each, which includes the title, name, and address of the purchaser, and they are supplied complete in leather cases. The large engine plates sell for…

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