Cape Charles Holds Elections

Issue 3 and Volume 94.

Cape Charles Holds Elections The annual election of the Cape Charles, Va., Fire Company No. 1 was held early in January. The following men were re-elected: W. G. Blasingame, President; S. R. Ames, Vice-President; R. T. Barnes, Secretary; H. J. Wendell, Treasurer; C. R. Adkins, Chief; W. C. Morris, First Assistant Chief; W H. Barnes, Second Assistant Chief; and W. H. Currie and F. C. Fitzhugh, Board of Directors at large. At the present time, the fire company is working on a proposition for purchasing a “Quad” The fire company would stand half the cost and the city council would pay the balance. The present equipment consists of a 750-gallon pumper, a 500-gallon pumper and a tank wagon carrying a 500-gallon tank of water, and a 250-gallon pump.

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