What British Fire Watchers Need

Issue 3 and Volume 94.

What British Fire Watchers Need Cheerful Britons who spend many sleepless nights watching for enemy air raiders so as to snuff out fire bombs as they fall, chuckled at a published list of equipment recommended for fire watchers. It read: Respirator. One belt with ten hooks, six to carry six filled sandbags, four to carryfour buckets of water. One axe stuck in belt. One stirrup pump to be carried over left shoulder. Extension ladder to be carried over right shoulder. One long-handled shovel to be carried on the left arm. Two wet blankets flung around the neck. One tin hat with turned-up brim to carry spare water Spare sand to be carried in all pockets. Ship’s anchor to be dropped in case watcher cannot stop after galloping. Box of matches to light incendiarybombs failing to ignite. One can of petrol to keep fire going for further enthusiastic fire watchers. —New…

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