Issue 4 and Volume 94.

FALSE ALARMS YOU’RE IN THE NAVY NOW A young ensign, very insistent he must have leave, was asked the reason by his commanding officer. “My wife is expecting a baby,” he replied. “Listen, young man, remember this, you are only necessary at the laying of the keel. For the launching you are entirely superfluous.” And a brandied peach is always sure of a cordial welcome. “THROW THE BULL” CHIEF The city fire fighter was out walking in the country and on crawling under a fence, he found himself in a pasture with a vicious-looking bull. “Hey, there,” he called to a farmer, “is the bull safe?” “He sure is,” answered the farmer. “A durn sight safer than you are.” The girl who knows the facts of life isn’t nearly as popular as the girl who teaches them. TRY FERTILIZER A farmer was hauling a load of manure past one of…

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