Manufacturers’ Announcements

Issue 5 and Volume 94.

Manufacturers’ Announcements Testall Pump A “Testall Pump” for determining the maximum safe life of fire extinguishers chemical engines, and fire hose has been announced and is being manufactured by the American-LaFrance-Foamite Corporation, Elmira, N. Y. The Testall Pump Previously, unsafe extinguishers may have been inadvertently continued in service, or good ones discarded prematurely. The Testall pump tells exactly the condition of each extinguisher by testing hydrostatically the shell and hose for strength. It is approved by the Factory Mutual Laboratories with a definite procedure for testing extinguishers, engines, hose, and sprinkler systems. As the Testall pump flushes interior and exterior of the extinguisher, the testing work can be readily combined with regular maintenance. Flushing and testing water flows automatically without operating the pump. Only a few strokes are required to bring the extinguisher up to the test pressure. The pump is said to be rapid in operation and can be…

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