Tear Gas and Masks

Issue 5 and Volume 94.

Tear Gas and Masks On page 180 of the April issue of this journal, in a question under the heading “Tear Gas,” the use of gas masks was discussed. In connection therewith the following statements appeared: “A welldesigned gas mask should be able to filter out most of the tear gas in the atmosphere, although self-contained breathing apparatus is far more satisfactory for this work. In developing the tear gases, they were designed to penetrate the war gas masks, so that they are not as easily removed from the air as other types of gases which are readily absorbed by the materials in the gas masks.” With regard to these statements, the Acme Protection Equipment Company of Pittsburgh, Pa., writes as follows: “To the Editor: A well designed gas mask is able to filter out all of the tear gas in the atmosphere and render that atmosphere perfectly suitable for…

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