Quincy Wields Political Axe

Issue 6 and Volume 94.

Quincy Wields Political Axe When E. J. Schneidman assumed the office of mayor at Quincy, I11., on May 5, he wielded the political axe and when he was through chopping, thirty-three firemen and twenty-nine policemen were released, and their places were filled with new appointees. However, some had served previously on both departments. Heading the released firemen were Chief George Simon, Second Assistant Ben Laurich, and Third Assistant and Drillmaster Joseph Owens, each with more than twenty-five years of service which made them eligible for pension. Clarence Lagemann, department mechanic and Fourth Assistant Chief, was retained as mechanic, but his officership was given to a new appointee. Also, among the firemen who were dismissed was one with eighteen years of service, two less than the required for a pension. Among the policemen who were “fired” were Chief John A. Connery, and Sergeant Herman Sehnack, who had eighteen years of service.…

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