Book Review

Issue 6 and Volume 94.

Book Review “Air Raid Precautions,” a 378-page book, issued by the Chemical Publishing Company, Inc., Brooklyn, N. Y. Price, $3 per copy. This book is apparently a reprint of recent British documents and reprinted by authority of His Britannic Majesty’s Stationery Office. It consists of ten chapters, or parts, as follows: Rescue Parties and Clearance of Debris; Organization of Decontamination Services; Organization of Air Raid Warden’s Service; Structural Defense; Local Communications and Reporting of Air Raid Damage; Notes on Training and Exercises; Gas Detection and Identification Service; Protection of Windows in Commercial and Industrial Buildings; Inspection and Repair of Respirators and Oilskin Clothing; Care and Custody of Equipment. This book should prove very useful to those charged with the responsibility of developing civil defense methods for cities.

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