Manufacturers’ Announcements

Issue 6 and Volume 94.

Manufacturers’ Announcements M. S. A. Streamlined Helmet A new streamlined fireman’s helmet has been developed by Mine Safety Appliances Company of Pittsburgh, Pa. Known as the Streamlined M. S. A. Fireman’s Helmet, the unit features wide, arched side brims; long, sweeping rear brim; reinforced crown ridge and laminated bakelite construction. Highly fracture-resistant, the streamlined helmet is non-conductive to electricity and will not soften or deteriorate from exposure to water or common chemicals. The reinforced crown ridge deflects falling objects. A soft, rubbercushioned leather sweatband and adjustable crown hammock act as effective shock-absorbers to take the force of blows on the helmet. A detailed and illustrated bulletin, Bulletin No. DX-5, has been issued. Chief Fisher Retires Chief John A. Fisher of the Duluth, Minn., Fire Department retired from active service on May 1. He retires on pension under the compulsory retirement act affecting firemen and policemen in cities of the first-class…

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