Safety Board Urged for Connecticut

Issue 6 and Volume 94.

Safety Board Urged for Connecticut A special investigating commission urged the members of the Connecticut General Assembly on May 15 to adopt a seven-point program including the creation of a fire and safety board in the State Labor Department, “to prevent and eliminate dangers from fire hazards.” The Commission, appointed after the disastrous New Haven factory fire which cost ten lives in February at the plant of the New Haven Quilt and Pad Company, said in a forty-page report it found there was an “overlapping of our present statutes, lack of authority, non-uniformity of codes, division of reporting duties, and limited staff assistance.” In addition to the fire and safetyboard. a three-man body appointed by the Governor with jurisdiction over hazards in manufacturing and mercantile establishments, the Commission proposed: “Continuation of the State Fire Marshal’s office within the State Police Department, with broadened powers to investigate ‘the causes, circumstances and…

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