Issue 7 and Volume 94.

THE ROUND TABLE For Practical Discussion of Current Fire Department and Fire Management Problems RESULTS OF THE PUBLIC KNOWING THE LOCATION OF FIRES IT was just a lazy, summer day. There were some ears parked on the village streets undoubtedly the ears of those who came to the stores to do their marketing. At infrequent intervals, an out-of-state ear went by filled with tourists out for a summer holiday. The scene was typical of any American village, whether it be midwest or New England. In an instant, the whole picture changed. The transition was so rapid, it was miraculous. People came rushing out of doorways. The cars that were parked a moment before, were now chugging, as drivers appeared, anxious to be the first to get away. Other cars came rushing by, and then in the distance could be heard the sound of fire apparatus. It was almost like circus…

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