Manufacturers’ Announcements

Issue 7 and Volume 94.

Manufacturers’ Announcements New Apparatus For Downingtown A new streamlined quad and a 750-gallon triple combination truck have recently been delivered to the Borough of Downingtown, Pa. These trucks were built by the Autocar Company of Ardmore, Pa. The chassis of the quad is equipped with an under-the-seat engine which gives the convenience of a reduced over-all length for even a long body and equipment and at the same time provides a proper balance of weight distribution between the front and the rear axles. The body of the quad was supplied by the U. S. Fire Apparatus Company of Wilmington, Dela., the special engine cowl is by Autocar and the two-stage 750-gallon centrifugal pump is by Hale. The fire fighting equipment on the triple combination pumper was supplied by the U. S. Fire Apparatus Company. Downingtown, with a population of only 4,645, is the center of a large and very prosperous…

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