1,000 Tons of Rubber Consumed

Issue 7 and Volume 94.

1,000 Tons of Rubber Consumed Eight million gallons of water and twenty-eight hours of effort by five fire department pumpers, were required to overcome the lead gained as the result of a delayed alarm during a recent fire which started from an unknown cause in scrap rubber storage at the Loewenthal Company of Akron, Ohio. The fire involved a yard containing about 4,000 tons of scrap rubber stored in one large pile. Plant employees attempted to put out the blaze with extinguishers. and it was almost twenty minutes before the city fire department was summoned. This allowed the fire to gain headway and grow into a roaring inferno. Using a tractor and chain drag, firemen did a good job in clearing a passageway ahead of the blaze and so saved near-by buildings. They then concentrated on beating down the fire itself. When the “all-out” was finally sounded, 1,000 tons of…

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