“Scarlet Bathtub” to Fight Industry Fires

Issue 7 and Volume 94.

“Scarlet Bathtub” to Fight Industry Fires Under the direction of State Fire Marshal Lydell peck of California and other state officials, a very unusual looking unit has been designed for use in fighting defense industry fires. In the shop, it was called the “scarlet bathtub,” because it looked more like that than anything else to the mechanics who put it together. The unit, which was built by the F. A. B. Manufacturing Company of Oakland, Cal., weighs 3,000 pounds, loaded, and can be pulled, hauled or dragged to any place it might be needed. It is a trailer, balanced on two ordinary automobile wheels and with provision for placement of a third, tiny wheel at its front so it may conveniently be set up for a time without its towing vehicle. It carries its own coupling, which can be attached to the bumper of any car on the highway, or…

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