“Disaster Call” Shows Its Value

Issue 7 and Volume 94.

“Disaster Call” Shows Its Value A few years ago, Mill Valley, Cal., a little town of about 5,500 inhabitants, added a new signal to its list of fire signals. The new call was termed the “disaster” or “Legion emergency” signal and consisted of three short blasts on the city’s fire whistle, repeated four times. Once in while, drills were held and the “emergency” call given to time the response of the American Legion men and others who responded to the call. Then, recently, heavy rains undermined several large trees and caused them to crash with an accompanying rush of tons of dirt on a summer home where four persons were readying it for occupancy. A young man and his mother managed to jump out of a window before the house was engulfed by the slithering mud. but his father and an aged man were trapped and crushed by the falling…

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