Bridgeport Builds Bomb Taxi

Issue 7 and Volume 94.

Bridgeport Builds Bomb Taxi The Bridgeport, Conn., Police Department has constructed a unique “bomb taxi” consisting of a large tank of 3/8-inch boiler iron mounted on a sheet iron platform. The tank and platform are mounted on a heavy two-wheeled chassis with heavy duty springs acting as cushions. No bolts were used in the construction of the tank. One-inch cable is wound around the tank and welded every few inches. A heavy iron mesh net covers the tank to prevent particles from flying out of the tank when the bomb explodes. When a bomb or suspicious package is discovered, the bomb taxi is towed to the spot. The bomb is placed in the tank which is parked in the center of the street. If the bomb does not explode, the taxi is then hauled to an open lot where trained technicians use a half-stick of dynamite to destroy the package.

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