Chief Stewart Retires

Issue 7 and Volume 94.

Chief Stewart Retires The Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company has owned and operated three large factories for the past sixty years at Ford City, Pa. The area covered by these factories is one mile long and a half mile wide. Until 1910, the fire department to protect the factories consisted of auxiliary brigades of employees from various departments. In May, 1910, one of the factories was entirely destroyed by fire at a loss of approximately $5,000,000. After this factory was replaced by a larger and more modern factory, the company decided to place a full-time paid fire department in service. The department was organized and placed in service on September 1, 1911, with Charles Stewart as Chief, which position he has held until the present time. Chief Stewart brought the fire department up to being one of the best industrial fire departments in the state. During 1919 he attended and completed…

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