Questions and Answers

Issue 7 and Volume 94.

Questions and Answers NOTE—Readers are invited to send in questions, which will be answered in the order received. Names are omitted from questions unless otherwise specified Friction Loss and Discharge To the Editor: How many gallons of water are there in a 50-foot section of 2 1/2-inch hose when completely filled? A line of 2 1/2-inch hose 300 feet long is laid to a “Y” connection from which two 200-foot lines of 1 1/2-inch hose are stretched. What will be the friction loss? What will be the discharge at 75 pounds pressure at the plug or pump? Using 125 pounds at the plug or pump, what will be the friction loss? What will be the discharge? Answer 1.: The volume of water in the hose may either be calculated directly in cubic feet or cubic inches, and then changed to gallons. The cross-section area of the hose must first be…

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