New Apparatus Needed at Des Moines

Issue 7 and Volume 94.

New Apparatus Needed at Des Moines Des Moines, Iowa, with a population of 159,000, an area of some 56 square miles equaling 38,000 acres with 810 streets and a mileage of 650, is protected from fire by a fire fighting force under the command of Chief Charles L. Slade. This force of 199 men are manning 23 fire fighting units. Some of these units are modern and many are obsolete types up to 27 years old consisting of one aerial ladder, five service ladders, 11 pumping units, four hose units and one emergency unit. The emergency unit put in service in 1919, 22 years ago, is obsolete. The fire hazards number some 500,000 which include residences, apartments, business houses, churches, schools and other miscellaneous hazards. The need of the Des Moines Fire Department are the replacement of obsolete apparatus, the relocation of some fire stations and the addition of more…

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