Two-Way Radio Serves Fire and Police

Issue 8 and Volume 94.

Two-Way Radio Serves Fire and Police INTELLIGENCE through communications is the fundamental principle by which any emergency system functions. The success of an army on campaign, of a police department in prevention and detection of crime, and a fire department in protection of life and property, depends largely on their ability to carry on speedy, reliable and accurate communications at all times. Regulations of the Federal Communications Commission do not provide for separate frequencies for municipal fire departments except in the case of marine fire stations. This means that a fire department contemplating the installation of two-way radio must either relay its message via telephone through the police channels or install remote control equipment for operating the police transmitter from the lire station. Many fire departments have hesitated to attempt to get the full use of two-way radio because of this fact. The city of Glendale, Cal., with a population…

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